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We advise corporate groups, investors, lenders, borrowers, financial institutions, investment funds and companies and individuals in general, both national and foreign, from different sectors and industries, both public and private, in connection with the design and implementation of structures and efficient strategies for financing operations, obtaining resources and raising capital.

 Our experience includes counseling and accompanying our clients through the execution of all types of loans, implementation, negotiation, and formalization of guarantees for financial operations, as well as regarding the applicable regulation, fulfillment of obligations and our clients' relationship with the Mexican financial system.

 Our practice characterizes for orienting our services under a preventive approach, the analysis of all possible scenarios regarding the operations in which we participate, the protection of the rights of our clients and the in-depth knowledge of laws and applicable provisions to financial operations.

 The services of our banking and financial practice area include, inter alia:

  •  Drafting, structuring, reviewing, negotiating and formalizing all types of loan agreements, including commercial loans, related-parties’ transactions, secured and unsecured loans, working capital loans, financial leasing, national and foreign financing, among others.

  •  Constitution and negotiation of all types of guarantees, including guarantee trusts, pledges, mortgages, corporate guarantees, personal guarantees, credit notes, credit instruments, debt restructuring, DIP financing and conditional sales.

  •  Advice regarding risk capital operations, fund raising, investment fund placement, financing for public projects, refinancing, recovery of assets and derivatives.

  •  Review, analysis and monitoring of compliance by financial institutions with applicable legislation and special provisions, due diligence and implementation of risk control and compliance mechanisms, including design and implementation of corporate governance structures and rules in line with current regulations.

  •  Advice regarding operations of financial and securities sector, processing and obtaining  authorizations and registrations before  competent authorities, including National Banking and Securities Commission, as applicable, for financial institutions, regulated and non-regulated institutions, SOFOMs (Multiple Purpose Financial Institutions), insurance and bonding institutions, among others.

  •  Analysis, incorporation, structuring and obtaining authorizations for Fintech companies, as well as fulfillment of obligations in terms of the Law to Regulate Financial Technology Institutions.