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Diversity & Inclusion

At Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa we seek to attract, retain and develop our collaborators in an integral way, adapting to the needs of the business environment, and considering a strategic vision oriented to an inclusive leadership and culture.


Our development practices are aimed at giving the same opportunities for growth, training and compensation to both men and women, regardless of sexual orientation, social status, and/or any other aspect.


In 2017 we began to work on our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Program called “LeaderSHE”, which is focused on generating changes in the way we communicate, interact and perform ourwork, in an open and equita- ble environment, seeking an inclusive coexistence at all times.


In 2021 the second stage of the Program called Chevez Diversity by LeaderSHE was launched. In this second stage we seek to strengthen the integration of a culture and leadership oriented towards equity, diversity and conscious inclusion, generating valuable content to close gaps, and having visibility on the actions on which it is necessary to continue focusing our efforts as a Firm.


To know more about our LeaderSHE program, here.