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International Trade

Aware of the importance of operations in the global market today, at Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa we offer a multidisciplinary service for International Trade to assist our clients in several aspects that impact their business. In order to do so, we are aware of the convenience of analyzing International Trade operations based on an ecosystem where various aspects are evaluated, such as the use of the network of commercial agreements signed by Mexico; the analysis of the different issues that impact the supply chain; identifying opportunities in electronic commerce; analysis of tax, customs and contractual matters; the establishment of anti-corruption and money laundering practices, as well as regulatory compliance in the commercialization of merchandise.

Consulting Services 

Given the nature of the consultancy that our Firm provides in favor of our clients, we are always able to collaborate continuously and directly in the complex operations that arise and, as a result of our experience, it is possible for us to distinguish the main needs and identify the most relevant issues for each case, such as: 

  •  Tariff classification of goods for import or export. 
  • Customs valuation, restrictions, and non-tariff regulations. 
  • International contracts (international trade terms - INCOTERMS.) 
  • Consultancy during the development of audits by tax or customs authorities. 
  • Import and Export Mechanisms and fulfilment of obligations. 

Compliance and self-regulation mechanism for the prevention of fiscal and customs risks 

The Firm focuses its efforts on the analysis and planning of productivity and profitability, which is currently required in the globalized market. The consultancy we provide aims identifying alternatives to maximize the economic benefit that can be derived from current import and export mechanisms. With that goal in mind, among others, we work with the following options: 

  • Program for the Promotion of the Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Export Services Industry (IMMEX, for its acronym in Spanish). 
  • Sector Promotion Programs (PROSEC, for its acronym in Spanish). 
  • Import Duty Tax refunds (Drawback). 
  • In-bond regime (including automotive sector) and bonded warehouses for customs purposes. 
  • Temporary imports and exports. 
  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO, for its acronym in Spanish). 
  • Special import authorizations (Eighth Rule). 
  • VAT and STPS certification for temporary imports (IMMEX), in-bond, automotive and strategic bonded warehouses. 

Best Corporate Practices

As part of the multidisciplinary vision of our services, we advise clients on the adoption of a culture of best corporate governance practices in international trade and supply chain matters. This is vital for the development of a business strategy, which is founded in three essential pillars: i) Detecting opportunity areas; ii) the generation of savings and; iii) the reduction of risks.

Commercial Agreements 

Many of the operations we deal with are developed within the framework of the Free Trade Agreements executed by Mexico with other nations. Through our practice, we provide the necessary solutions to properly address crucial aspects, such as:  

  •  Tariff reductions. 
  • Rules of origin, analysis, and determination. 
  • Customs procedures (certificates of origin, advance rulings, and reviews of origin by the authorities). 

Strategic Litigation 

At our Firm, we also provide defense services against acts performed by tax and customs authorities that affect our client’s interests regarding International Trade matters, through the processing and substantiation of administrative appeals, administrative trials before the Federal Court of Administrative Justice and amparo trial. 

International Arbitration 

The Firm advises its clients in alternative dispute resolution matters, including international arbitrations. Our Firm’s members have participated as attorneys and panelists in arbitration procedures provided in the Free Trade Agreements executed by Mexico, such as the United States, México and Canada Agreement (USMCA). In addition, our Firm assists companies and investors regarding possible violations and defense of their rights under the current International Investment   Protection Agreements (IIPA) in force. 

Trade Remedies 

Within the world trade, there is always the possibility of facing unfair practices by the other party, such as undue prices (dumping), or subsidies from their government. Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa offers advice regarding the participation with the investigation procedures in this area in support of domestic producers, importers and exporters who require it.

World Trade Organization  

At Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa we are very familiar with the rules that govern world trade, which are based on the Agreements of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Over time, we have advised Mexican and transnational companies, as well as foreign governments for a correct interpretation and application of the multiple agreements of this organization.