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Tax Litigation

With over 25 years of experience, this area offers legal strategies designed to protect our client's interests and support them in the settlement of tax disputes. The tax litigation area specifically offers legal counsel and the filing of legal remedies, as well as dispute resolution mechanisms against the actions of tax authorities which violate taxpayers' rights or against tax laws which do not observe such rights. 

 In the case of auditing procedures, we assist our clients throughout the processing of the different stages of said procedures, from the beginning to their conclusion, always in constant interaction with the tax authorities in order to convey the necessary arguments in order to allow the settlement of any controversy relating to the interpretation and construction of legal rules. 

 Likewise, we support our clients with the filing and processing of different alternative dispute resolution procedures, bot under domestic law as well as under the various international agreements signed by Mexico, which include, among others, the processing of “Conclusive Agreements” before the Mexican Taxpayers’ Ombudsman (“PRODECON”, Spanish acronym as per its initials), as well as the so-called "Mutual Agreement Procedures". 

 We support our clients in the drafting and filing of motions directed to have an administrative agency reconsider its decision, in any of its forms, against resolutions issued by the tax authorities, as well as annulment actions, in any of its forms, before the Federal Administrative Justice Court, or amparo actions before the Federal Judicial Branch. We ensure a timely follow-up, meet with judicial authorities to present our arguments to them, considering the particular issues of each matter, and to address the cases until the corresponding judgements are issued or until their conclusion.