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Labor and Social Security


 Our labor practice combines traditional labor legislation with cutting-edge strategic consulting in all aspects of labor, social security and benefits laws. We provide legal advice and representation to national and foreign companies, of all branches of economic and commercial activity, in the daily operation of their business in Mexico.

 Our service model seeks to offer comprehensive solutions covering both labor and fiscal aspects of our clients' problems, guaranteeing compliance with Mexican labor legislation, focusing on preventive and corrective strategic planning.

 We advise our clients on a wide range of corporate transactions, carrying out labor risk assessments through audits by identifying existing or potential labor-related contingencies.

 We help in complex negotiations of agreements and collective bargaining agreements with the various unions, to prevent and reduce labor contingencies and the economic impact that may arise from them.

 We represent our clients in litigious individual and collective actions, in state and federal labour courts throughout the country.

 We attend complaints before the National Council to Prevent Discrimination, we advise during the administrative-labour procedure, as well as in the prevention and implementation of the new labor legislation, both in general and high impact issues.

 In addition, our practice area advises our clients on issues of labor audits, preparation and review of individual employment contracts, expatriates, dismissals, transfer of personnel, advice during inspection processes by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, compensation plans for employees, strategies for the transfer of personnel in corporate restructuring processes, preparation and review of labour contracts, advice on labour subcontracting (outsourcing) and employee profit sharing (PTU) and compliance with labour regulations.

 Social Security

 Through our professional services, we collaborate with our clients in the solution of the day-to-day problems on social security matters that companies face, including very precise aspects in connection with the incorporation of the employees, computation of the contribution base salary, classification and analysis of the occupational hazards insurance premium as well as in connection with the construction industry, among others.

 Our social security area also participates in the analysis of the tax implications that would arise as a consequence of corporate restructures, mergers and spin offs, transfer and hiring of personnel, review of hiring schemes with internal and external suppliers, and treatment of special employees, as those related in the sports and construction industry.

 The aforementioned activities are complemented by a tax litigation area highly specialized in this matter.