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Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise all kinds of companies, corporate groups and investors, in connection with projects which purpose is the combination of businesses, acquisition of companies, assets, securities and lines of business, among others.

 Our experience includes advising national and international clients, many of them Fortune 500, in the designing, structuring, negotiating and implementing of successful and sophisticated legal agreements that provide our clients with the necessary protection for the development and future of their business and their partners or counterparts relationship, either from the perspective of the buyer or the seller.

 Our practice is characterized for achieving favorable agreements for our clients, and providing added value in terms of designing and structuring operations. Our services have been distinguished by our innovative vision of risk prevention and solution of complex aspects, including detailed clinical analysis of each of the legal implications of operations in which we participate.

 The services of our mergers and acquisitions transactional practice include, inter alia:

  • Representation of national and foreign companies as buyers or sellers in national and multi-jurisdictional operations for acquiring shares, securities, assets or lines of business, national and foreign, in various industrial and business sectors, including public and private companies.

  •  Representation for negotiating and implementing strategic alliances and joint ventures.

  • Transactional advice regarding mergers, combinations, spilt-offs, share exchanges (swaps), divestments (carve-outs), both national and multi-jurisdictional.

  • Financing and co-financing for acquisitions and corporate operations.

  • General due diligence and specific subject audits for acquisition of companies or assets or for analysis of investment projects, including drafting of detailed and executive reports for early detection of legal risks.

  •   Advice regarding implementation of restructuring and legal acts before and after acquisitions, mergers and investments, among others, to prevent, mitigate and remedy legal risks, including drafting and carefully designing  purchase and sale agreements, granting of representations and warranties, compensation processes, price adjustments and continuity of operations, among others.
  • Advice on mergers and acquisitions of distressed entities.