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Tax and Individual Estate and Asset Protection

At Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa we are continuously updating to always offer an adequate interpretation and in-depth analysis of tax laws and regulations that affect the daily operations of our clients, seeking at all times the correct compliance of tax regulations.   

We participate in important highly specialized projects, through the analysis of tax implications arising from: corporate restructurings, financial models, company acquisitions, spin-offs, mergers, infrastructure projects, and other of equally relevant scales within the financial sector.

Our services also comprise conducting tax diagnoses and due diligence check, among others.

We collaborate with our clients on tax procedures and formalities that need to be processed and filed before the tax authorities, such as refund requests and offsets, as well as handling audit procedures and other dispute settlement mechanisms.

 Tax compliance

We assist our clients with diagnostic studies and compliance of obligations that result from their transactions, within the applicable legal framework in force.

Our Firm has vast experience in the analysis, interpretation, and application of double tax treaties in global transactions concerning Mexico, considering recently issued regulations in this area, such as the Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (“BEPS”) issued by the OECD and the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent BEPS, which modifies certain aspects of Covered Tax Agreements.

 Corporate Reorganization and Restructuring 

Our services comprise a comprehensive analysis of each organization in order to assess on a detailed basis the tax implications resulting from corporate reorganizations.

Our Firm is engaged in providing its clients a continuous professional support in the implementation of corporate restructures, and where appropriate, our services involve conducting the necessary procedures and formalities before the tax authorities for due compliance of tax obligations.

 Tax Advisory and Individual and Estate compliance

We offer a highly specialized service to individuals for tax compliance, as well as advisory on the tax effects that may derive in Mexico and abroad from legal investment structures, according to the applicable tax and legal framework. 

We are focused in providing personalized services considering information security and confidentiality, investment management from a tax perspective and family estate protection and succession planning.

In cases where investments of our clients involve international matters, we jointly collaborate with highly prestigious legal and financial advisors in order to present a comprehensive perspective.

We actively participate with our clients in the following specialized services:

  • Estate’s economic and tax analysis
  • Advisory on succession planning.
  • Real estate and other assets
  • Tax compliance in Mexico
  • Tax regularization