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FinTech Law

The financial technology sector, known as Fintech, incorporates new digital products, applications, processes and business models into the financial services industry. Since the beginning 2018, when the Law to Regulate Financial Technology Institutions was published, large and complex secondary regulations have been gradually created around this sector. This complexity entails the need for specialized legal advice on these issues.

 Our professional team is powered with specialists in Fintech matters who also have vast experience in corporate, financial and fiscal matters. This knowledge allows us to offer our clients the comprehensive and multidisciplinary advisory services that are now crucial in this sector.

 Our Firm offers a variety of specialized services for the financial technology industry; these range from analysis, design, and implementation of Fintech business projects, to attention, advice, and support through the process of obtaining authorization from the National Banking and Securities Commission and the Mexican Central Bank. These services allow our clients to operate through collective financing institutions, electronic payment fund institutions, sandbox models, and even carry out transactions with virtual assets.

 As part of our integrated services, we ensure that the business schemes implemented by our clients are efficient and, at the same time, fully comply with the current regulatory framework in corporate, financial and fiscal matters.  

Additionally, our experience in adversarial matters proves that we are built with the highest-level litigants, who have extensive experience in dealing with all kinds of dministrative and financial litigation related to Fintech regulation.