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Corporate, Commercial and Real Estate

We advise corporate groups, investors, individuals and companies in general, both national and foreign, from different sectors and industries, including public and private, in connection with different operations and corporate obligations for the development of their businesses in Mexico. 

Our experience includes advising and accompanying corporate groups from the incorporation and structuring of their companies, to their day-to-day operations, including relationships between their partners or shareholders, those with their companies and affiliated entities, their administrative bodies, suppliers, distributors and clients.

Our practice characterizes for a commitment to technical excellence, continuous updating and monitoring of projects and legislative reforms, together with monitoring the main developments in different operating sectors from a practical and business perspective that benefits our clients.

The services in our corporate practice include, inter alia:

  • Drafting, review, negotiation and formalization of all types of commercial and civil agreements, including international contracts and cross-border operations.

  • Design, structure, negotiation and drafting of transactional documents related to business relationships and strategic alliances.

  •  Advice on implementing specific corporate vehicles for business operations.

  • Advice on foreign investment regulation and requirements to start operations in Mexico, including request for authorizations to the National Commission of Foreign Investments.

  • Incorporation of commercial companies, civil corporations and associations, branches and representative offices, including drafting of by-laws, as well as obtaining the corresponding records and formalization before a notary public.

  • Advice on corporate governance, administrative bodies, operating rules and internal controls, minority rights, relations and disputes between shareholders and best practices.

  •  Advice, implementation and monitoring of compliance with corporate obligations.

  • Draft and formalization of shareholders’ resolutions, shareholders' meetings, granting of powers of attorney, subscription of shares, increases and reductions to corporate capital and corporate control.

  • Corporate records, including drafting and custody of corporate books, drafting of entries to such books, records, and control of stock titles.

  • Legal due diligence regarding status of compliance of corporate legal obligations and regularization of companies.

  • Advice regarding restructuring and reorganization of corporate groups, for the purpose of creating financial and business efficiencies and protection of assets of shareholders and companies.

  • Review, drafting and negotiation of transactional documents related to shareholder agreements, joint ventures, mergers, split-offs, transformations and similar operations.

  • Advice regarding dissolution and liquidation of commercial entities.

  • Obtaining notarial certifications, commercial folios of the Public Registry of Property and Commerce, processing of notarizing of documents before notaries public and commercial notaries, processing of apostilles and legalization of documents.

  • Registration, submission of quarterly and annual reports and fulfillment of obligations of companies with foreign investment before National Registry of Foreign Investments.

  • Advice to startups regarding legal and necessary requirements, corporate vehicles and contracts for implementing innovative business models based on technological resources and artificial intelligence, among others.
  • Advice to startups regarding legal and necessary requirements, corporate vehicles and contracts for implementing innovative business models based on technological resources and artificial intelligence, among others.

Real Estate 

We advise national and international companies, corporate groups, individuals, trusts, real estate agents, investment funds and developers, regarding operations related to all real estate, including commercial, industrial and residential real estate, among others.

Our experience includes advising and accompanying our clients regarding incorporation of vehicles for acquisition, sale or administration of real estate, execution and formalization of transfer and leasing of real estate, protection of assets, review of property background, resolution of conflicts between co-owners, administration of condominiums, development and construction of real estate projects, obtaining of government authorizations, among others.

Our practice is characterized by our preventive vision of different risks that may be related to a real estate, from its construction, obtaining authorizations, alienation, tax impacts, asset protection, exposure to natural disasters and conflicts related to property.

The services of our real state practice area include, inter alia:

  • Incorporation and implementation of vehicles and specific structures for developing and commercializing real estate, including constitution of condominium property regimes, specific purpose companies, trusts agreements, joint-ownership and timeshare.
  • Legal due diligence of real estate, including property history, existence of liens, ejido rights, existence of judicial procedures, permits, authorizations, licenses, land use, zoning, subdivisions, easements, permits and environmental and civil protection opinions, among others.

  • Drafting, review and negotiation of real estate purchase and sale agreements, sale promises, obtaining and registration of public deeds, establishment of usufructs, ownership rights and conditional sales of real estate, advice regarding acquisition of real estate in restricted areas

  • Drafting, review and negotiation of all kinds of real estate lease agreements, including industrial, residential, commercial and offices’ lease agreements, property background checks and liens, as well as constitution of use limitations.

  • Drafting and review of condominium administration agreements, obtaining authorizations and procedures before PROSOC (Mexico City’s Social Prosecutor Office).

  • Drafting of real estate development agreements, flat rate and unit price construction agreements, services agreements entered by providers for designing, remodeling, supervising  constructions, maintenance and improvements.

  • Advice regarding seizing assets and legal proceedings related to real estate, operations of separation and protection of assets.