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Local Contributions

Local contributions have taken an important role in the tax field at a national level; since the states and municipalities, in order to obtain greater incomes, are constantly updating the catalog of contributions, as well as their elements, pursuing to audit the most profitable business in each locality, in addition to improve their control schemes.

 As a result, punctual counsel from a specialist with extensive experience in this area becomes essential.

 We perceive that local contributions and authorities will continue to evolve, which will undoubtedly play an even more relevant role in business decision-making. Evidence of this, is the creation of environmental taxes, special taxes on the final sale of certain goods, additional taxes and many others that will surely be developed by the local government.

 Through specialized professional consulting and advisory services, we design strategic projects in real estate and payroll matters throughout the country, as well as specific proposals for tax compliance on contributions such as: environmental, special on the final sale of certain goods, public entertainments, games, sweepstakes and contests, supply and discharge of water and registration rights, among many others.

 Our participation in the litigation aspect includes:

  •  Counsel on audit procedures initiated by the local authorities regarding local contributions.
  • Filing of administrative appeals.
  • Filing of tax lawsuits before the local administrative courts.
  • Amparo proceedings against laws and acts of the authorities in these matters.